A Simple Gesture Builds the Foundation of a Connected Culture

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Myke Mansberger
LivePerson Contributor
Monday, April 20, 2015 - 16:49

Integrating new employees from a recently acquired company is stressful for all parties involved. Besides the fundamentals that have to be sorted like payroll, benefits and business systems, cultural integration is just as vital to a successful merger. Culture is the fabric of how a company operates and how employees interact with one another, their customers and the community at large. So when a new company is brought into the mix, there is undoubtedly some adjustment as everyone is feeling out the new rules of the road.

A Culture of Connections Right from the Start

When LivePerson recently welcomed Atlanta-based Contact At Once! (CAO) into its family, we wanted start it off the way we do all our new relationships: by connecting first. It was especially important for CAO employees to hear not just from our leadership, but also from the employees that make up the LivePerson community. So, we launched a welcome campaign to bring LP and CAO employees together even though we’re miles apart.

Knowing that new employees-- whether they are direct hires or from an acquired company like CAO--can be apprehensive about reaching out to existing employees, we wanted to take away the pressure. Each LivePerson employee sent a card to a CAO employee, along with a bottle of champagne. It was our small way of saying cheers to this new friendship. The cards included stories of about what it’s like to be part of LivePerson, and invited them to connect on a more meaningful level. More than letting CAO employees know how excited we were to have them join our community, it was an introduction to our culture of connections, and how much it means to us.

Better Connections Lead to Stronger Relationships

“The Contact At Once! team was so impressed with the cards and champagne--and not just the gift itself--but with the warmth and connectedness behind the concept. Our sales team has asked us to create something similar that we can share with customers, and we're building a customer outreach campaign around the idea,” said CAO’s SVP and General Manager, John Hanger.

Almost immediately after receiving their cards and champagne, LivePerson employees were excited to hear back from their counterparts at CAO who expressed how much they appreciated the welcome gift.  New team members now have a contact within the company that they can connect with when they have questions, to trade best practices, or just to exchange friendly conversation. 

We suggest that you try a little something to connect with your own co-workers, whether they are from an acquired company or just sit on a different floor. You’ll be surprised how a simple gesture can help build the foundation of a connected culture.

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