Six Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an Employee Community

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Myke Mansberger
LivePerson Contributor
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 00:00

It wasn't so long ago here at LivePerson when the concept of business community was limited to a handful of forum threads on a message board.  The majority of our employees knew little of the existence of this message board and few would have called it useful from a business perspective.  Cut to present day 2012:  Community is no longer an elusive concept but an integral part of who we are here at LivePerson. 

During an all-company event in 2010 there was a realization that as the company grew on a global scale, we needed a community platform to help us connect and collaborate. Today, that community platform, called LivePerson Nation, influences every facet of our business from how we engage with one another to the way our products evolve.  We are proud of our robust, award-winning employee community that is anything but a typical corporate intranet - it is a place for connections, conversations, and collaboration.

Though there are countless ways for a company community to be useful to an organization, here are six reasons why an employee community is essential:

  • Better, stronger connections: Our global workforce can connect with each other anytime and anywhere through the cloud-based community which leads to better, more efficient collaboration.   

  • Cross-departmental feedback:  Employees across the organization connect with each other to offer feedback on projects and initiatives. For example, a salesperson can give real-time feedback to the marketing team on the response to campaigns-- the immediacy of this feedback results in more efficient decision making.

  • Innovation: Employees are encouraged to participate and offer their opinions, even on areas that might not be their direct area of work. At LivePerson, innovation comes from every corner of the company, not just R&D.

  • Fewer emails:  My favorite part of having an employee community is the reduction of emails. Less time checking irrelevant emails means more time spent working on more meaningful endeavors like customer facing projects. At the end of the day, increased productivity translates into a better experience for our customers.  

  • Documentation and accessibility of information: When important strategy or planning discussions are housed within a community rather than one person’s hard drive or email archive, it’s easier to make sure that relevant information is accessible to all those who need it, anywhere, anytime. 

  • More meaningful meetings:  Agendas are posted to meeting attendees in advance, allowing people to suggest additions and prepare more efficiently beforehand.  Follow-ups and next steps for projects are no longer lost in an email inbox, but are available for anyone to track and provide updates. 

Learn more about how we built our community using Jive’s social business platform in this video testimonial: 

Does your company have an employee community platform? I’d love to hear how your community has evolved over time.  For us, community works best when it starts from the inside out.  We've grown tremendously as a company over the last few years-- and the evolution of our communities continues as we expand initiatives across all of our internal and external touch points. 

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