Small Businesses: Try Something New During Peak Shopping Season (and get up to 35% off)

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Sivan Raam
Mobile Product Manager
Monday, November 25, 2013 - 13:58

Walking around the shops in San Francisco recently I noticed signs hanging in storefronts urging patrons to support their local businesses and Shop Small on November 30th. Started in 2010, Small Business Saturday is now recognized by 67 percent of consumers and there is an estimated $5.5 billion spent on this day! We here on the Small Business team applaud this grass-roots effort and are constantly trying to put ourselves in your shoes…and also channeling the needs of your customers. 

This holiday shopping season, even more than in previous years, your customers are online researching, looking for deals and adding things to their own wish lists – earlier in the shopping season. In fact, 30% started shopping even before Halloween! With time-strapped schedules and competing distractions, attracting your highest value website visitors with special promotions - just for them - is a holiday must.

Our Holiday Tip – KISS!

We know the peak shopping season can make even the most seasoned small business team feel a little frazzled. This year we recommend to get back to the basics and KISS. No, we aren’t referring to the mistletoe variety; rather Keep it Simple Stupid (or what we call Stupid Simple). When you look into your bag of marketing tricks ask yourself if these strategies would help you make this a successful shopping season:

Increase shopping cart value

Let’s say your average online purchase is $75 and you want to grow that to $100. Here’s an idea: what if you can target people based on a certain amount in their shopping cart and offer them free shipping if they spent $100 or more?

Welcome back your repeat customers 

You know the adage 20% of your customers drive 80% of your sales? If you can identify repeat customers to your website and give them a warm welcome and a special offer (enter to win a holiday raffle or extra discount), it would continue to keep them coming back for more long after the peak shopping season is over.

Drive foot traffic

Trying to get the word out about a special shopping event at your store or to visit your booth at a holiday event? Invite visitors who visit specific pages through a timely message (without getting your web or IT team involved).

Prevent costly refunds because of unmet expectations 

You have added multiple messages on your website about your product shipping policy but for some reason your potential customers are left a little confused. Offer a proactive chat invite to people who linger on your site, they may just need a human touch to complete their purchase. Making sure a customer has all the right information they need to complete their purchase will prevent costly refunds come January.

We created a short how-to Christmas Campaign video just for you. Watch and let your creativity flow:

If your small business isn't up and running with LiveEngage yet, now is the PERFECT time to see the biggest impacts by reducing cart abandonment, increasing order values and driving long-term customer loyalty. Take advantage of our Shop Small holiday promotion of up to 35% off your initial contract term through November 30th!

We wish you all a happy, festive holiday shopping season!

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