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  • Thursday, May 25, 2017
    LivePerson recently conducted a survey to uncover what consumers wanted from their preferred airlines in terms of customer service communications. After surveying 1,200 US-based consumers age 18+ who travel four or more times a year, we found that messaging plays a key role in increasing the overall satisfaction consumers feel with their preferred airlines.
  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017
    When you’re trying to get in touch with a friend to make plans, how do you do it? E-mail, text, Facebook? What you probably don’t do nowadays is call them. Why, then, are we still forced to communicate with brands through an 800 number? At one time, call centers were the only interactive connection between consumers and brands, aside from the in-store experience, and often, in-store sales associates would not have the resources to solve customer issues.
  • Monday, Apr 24, 2017
    Since the creation of the concept of robots, they have usually been imagined as humanoid creatures, modeled after our own appearance: head, torso, arms, legs and, so on. Even though there’s no good reason why robots should have those things, people tend to imagine the future by taking a facsimile of what we know today and projecting something very similar in the future, with an added twist of Future-ness.
  • Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017
    Bradford Cross, a founding partner at machine learning and big data venture capital fund DCVC, wrote an interesting post on his blog about the impending end to today’s bots hype period, including one section called “Bots Go Bust.” He is right in the sense that hopes for bots will soon crash to Earth, the f
  • Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017
    In the past 150 years of telephone technology, there are three landmark dates: 1876, when A. G. Bell first shouted, ‘Mr. Watson, come here’ into a mouthpiece; 1984, when Motorola introduced the first mobile phone; and 2007, when smartphones went mainstream.
  • Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017
    When it comes to technology, change is constant and rapid. However, while consumers adopt new gadgets, platforms, and services quickly, why do established brands scramble to keep up?
  • Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
    LivePerson conducted a survey to determine how concerned Americans are about losing their jobs due to automation and what industries are most at risk. The full report can be viewed here. Some highlights include:
  • Thursday, Jan 19, 2017
    From DMing on social media, text messaging, and Snapchatting to traditional phone calls and emailing, the ways to connect with others are growing. But which method is preferred? LivePerson research has revealed that consumers rank text messaging as #1.
  • Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017
    People are constantly connected through social media. For years, brands have tried to join this cultural shift by using social platforms as another vehicle for customer service. But LivePerson research on the topic reveals that brands are ineffective in these spaces, as consumers prefer messaging to social media when they need to resolve an issue.
  • Thursday, Dec 15, 2016
    They go by many names — chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligent assistance (IA). No matter what you call them, we’re way past the point of just talking about bots; you should already be incorporating them into your consumer engagement strategy.


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