Teams That Sweat Together, Stay Together

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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 14:49

For the past 20 years, LivePerson technology has served to empower brands to create meaningful connections with their consumers. Behind the scenes, we work just as hard to foster an internal culture that’s just as connected.

One way these connections are created and maintained is through LivePerson’s wellness programs. Afterall, workplace wellness programs lead to better employee retention and reduced absenteeism. Beyond good health, these programs are also about giving employees a chance to bond on a personal level and nurturing real friendships outside of the professional setting. 

Whipping culture into shape

No one understands the impact of workplace wellness more than our CEO and founder, Robert LoCascio. When we expanded our New York City HQ in February 2013, Rob insisted that our employee-led  planning committee include a gym in the new work space. Once the gym opened, Shirley Politzer, major account manager, helped launch a popular fitness bootcamp class led by her personal trainer, Carlos Delgado.

“When everyone is in gym gear and sneakers, it levels the playing field and everyone is shown in their most vulnerable statemaking the connection deeper and richer,” notes Shirley.

Whether you are a seasoned LivePerson manager or brand new to the company, everyone is equal when it comes to surviving Carlos’ rigorous workouts. There’s a palpable feeling of “we’re all in this together.”

When Tania Zivkovic, learning and talent development manager, came on board in September 2014, she joined the fitness bootcamp as a way to meet fellow LivePerson employees. Tania found the fitness classes made it quicker to build relationships with colleagues.

“It was hard for me to interact with the team on the 5th floor. I was able to connect with them a lot easier and sooner because we had that shared experience of being sweaty and in gym gear,” adds Tania.

Bootcamp at LivePerson HQ in NYC
Teams That Sweat Together Stay Together

Whenever Shirley meets new colleagues visiting our NYC headquarters, she always invites them to join her for the bootcamp challenge. Peter Sabine, a senior account executive in our Melbourne, Australia office, was among one of Shirley’s recruits to the fitness class after meeting her during a sales onboarding session.

“The session being outside of work hours, while everyone's guard is down because we are all sweating and working hard, certainly made it easier to connect,” adds Peter.

Since the bootcamp class requires several challenging exercises in pairs, employees help motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals. “The level of camaraderie being created in class is the biggest takeaway. Everyone keeps each other accountable in class. It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales or marketing,” says Carlos.

Bootcamp at LivePerson HQ in NYC
Bootcamp at LivePerson HQ in NYC

Covering our bases

Thanks to our Atlanta office, we also have an official LivePerson kickball team. Led by Abby Stanton, junior business analyst, with support from our People Group, the kickball league quickly picked up steam across the office. The league starts on March 16 and is open to family and friends too.

“I think assembling this kickball team is be a great way to connect employees on a more personal level. It seems like everyone at LivePerson has a unique story,” relays Abby.

Striking a pose

Wellness activities aren’t only a commonplace in our U.S. offices. The People Group in our Israel office regularly facilitates employee consultations on their wellness needs. One of the programs resulting from these consultations is an in-office yoga class.

In-Office Yoga Class in LivePerson Israel
In-Office Yoga in LivePerson Israel

“We worked really hard to make it happen and people really appreciated that we gave them what they wanted especially during working hours. I check satisfaction on a regular basis and make sure it's going smoothly,” says Anat Cohen, wellness specialist in People Group in the Israel office.

Our San Francisco office’s fitness bootcamp, an intensive hybrid of cross-fit training and yoga, helped office ambassador Alison Bradley move a colleague connection from the gym into the office. As loyal bootcamp devotees, Alison and Lisa Ma, senior director of global programs in self-service, were able to expand their connection from the class into a successful office project. After casually bouncing ideas off each other in class, Alison and Lisa joined forces in the creation of an off-site for the self-service group.

"Aside from being a great way to connect with colleagues, having in-office classes at the end of the work day has made it so easy to incorporate fitness into my personal routine, which I've always found challenging. I love that LivePerson supports this program for us," adds Alison.

Besides fitness activities, LivePerson’s Israel office offers a Weight Watchers group where employees meet weekly and keep each other accountable in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The participants engage in a customized WhatsApp group where they freely ask questions and share ideas and thoughts.

“The program helped me connect with other staff members that I didn't know and gave me a support system that helps me stay healthy and more focused at work,” shares QA engineer Inbar Yizhar Barnea.

These shared stories show how our fitness initiatives naturally impact work productivity and fosters authentic collaborations. Our demonstrated commitment to fitness is just another testament to our mission to create meaningful connections between our talented workforce, brands and consumers.

For more connection stories from our employees, visit our new series, Living a Meaningfully Connected Culture.

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