Tips to Navigate This Year’s Aspire Conference

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Augusto Garcia
Head of Product Design and User Experience
Saturday, October 4, 2014 - 11:57

Are you joining us at Aspire on October 8? If the answer is yes, we’re here to help you make the most of your time in New York City. (If the answer is no, you can still register here.)

LivePerson has organized a line-up of brilliant speakers from companies leading the charge in digital engagement, including Nine West, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Inkkas, among others. Because you can’t attend all sessions at Aspire (bummer, I know), below is a quick guide to help you decide which sessions will be most valuable to you.   

Make the most of your trip: what to attend

Regardless of your specialty, all featured speakers will have something to say about the next wave of digital engagement. However, if you’re looking to fulfill a particular niche, we’ve got you covered.

Side note: Keep in mind that all Aspire sessions are structured to bring value to any attendee, regardless of title or position. These are just recommendations to kick start your conference prep. Check out the full agenda to plan your time in NYC.

For the executive

Maximize the opportunity to meet other leaders who are leveraging digital engagement to get ahead. Below are a few sessions you might find particularly helpful.

  • Future of Digital Engagement in Retail: Join lead executives from Fortune 500 retail brands, like Nine West, as they lead a discussion panel on modern customer journey strategies. The experts will also lend insight into best practices and advantages of creating a seamless experience from in store to digital shopping.
  • Digital Engagement from an Analyst’s Perspective: If you want to learn about the strategic aspect of digital engagement, market trends, and how they impact market behavior, this session is for you. Alon Waks, Vice President and Head of Product Marketing at LivePerson, will help you wrap your head around the vast amount of data you are producing and how to utilize that data to improve your customers’ experience.


For the e-commerce leader

Get the latest intel on digital engagement tools and strategies for your e-commerce operation. Plus, connect with LivePerson leaders who can offer an insider’s perspective on activating digital engagement platforms. Here’s what we recommend for you.

  • Transforming Customer Engagement for the “Digital First” Generation: I like how one of my colleagues, Erin Kang, said: “My reflex is digital first.” Today’s customer is a multi-screen, multi-channel shopper, with little patience. Join leaders from News UK, and more as they discuss how “digital adoption” via digital first consumers can actually cut costs, and make for happier spenders.
  • Starting a Consumer Movement: We’ve all heard the buzzword “customer-centric.” Join speakers from LivePerson and Victor and Spoils for more on modern digital strategies.


For service leaders

Looking to boost your customer satisfaction score (CSAT)? Learn how and when to meet customers on their channel of choice with a personalized message, using digital engagement technologies and strategies.

  • Building an Online Brand that Makes an Emotional Connection: Customers want to engage with their favorite brands like they engage with their friends—on a human, 1-to-1 level. Join speakers from leading brands to hear about how the LiveEngage platform has transformed customer engagement and impacted ROI.
  • Digital Disruption in Financial Services: Banking has gone digital. We all love the convenience of our bank apps via mobile, and paying bills in one easy portal. Check out this session for more on how banks are adjusting to a digital world. Speakers include executives from Extraco Consulting, RBS, and LivePerson, among others.


For call center managers

Boost conversion and satisfaction with new tech tools for your call center agents. If you’re already using LiveEngage, check out the Product 1:1 sessions for tips and instructions on reviewing new agent workspaces, building campaigns, hands-on data, mobile use, and more. But first, check out the following session.

  • Agent Session 1 - Chatting Your Way into a Career Journey: Using chat, customer service agents are making more meaningful, lasting connections with customers. What’s more, these agents are planning successful, lifelong careers with chat. Join speakers from Extraco Banks,, LivePerson, and more to hear from chat agents firsthand.


For teams

Digital transformation is a team effort. All communities, tech, and strategies have to be aligned to make a seamless customer experience possible. Chat with other teams to see what they’re doing, and see what the experts have to say.

  • Strategies and Tips on Building High Performance Chat Agent Teams that Are Emotionally Connected: Executives from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, Rail Europe, and LivePerson will discuss best practices and lessons learned on running a successful chat team.  
  • Agent Session 2 - Locating the Right Ingredients for a High-Performance Chat Agent Team: A high performing chat team needs talent. Join speakers from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, Extraco Banks, LivePerson, and more as they discuss tips for successful recruitment.

We look forward to seeing you at Aspire! Before you arrive, don't forget to download the Aspire App available on iTunes or Google Play.

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