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  • Friday, May 11, 2018
    I recently overheard my 2-year-old daughter talking to Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, and two things struck me. First, she doesn’t distinguish the disembodied voice from that of a regular human. Second, she barks orders at Alexa in a way that would be considered rude by any social convention. Read more at Fortune.
  • Friday, Apr 20, 2018
    From the disparity of women in the tech industry to bots replacing us at work, here’s the latest press roundup from LivePerson. Closing tech’s great gender divide LivePerson CEO Robert LoCascio sat down with CIO to discuss the gender gap in AI, specifically, and the tech industry overall. You can read it here.
  • Friday, Apr 13, 2018
    The word “interface” has a single association for most of us. We often think of web or mobile design: at a simplified level, a combination of coding languages HTML and CSS used to provide us with the tools to interrogate information from the web. Read more onForbes.
  • Friday, Apr 13, 2018
    When people started building websites in the mid-’90s, it was under the assumption that e-commerce would very quickly eclipse old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar shopping. But after more than two decades, only 8–9% of sales happen online. It sounds strange to say it, because our smartphone-dependent lives feel quite different from before, but e-commerce on the internet has failed. Read more at Engage Customer.
  • Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018
    The technological advancements of our time make it difficult to remember life before the internet. Smartphones and dependable wifi are mainstays of our lives, and most everyday activities — like ordering lunch, reading the news, and catching up with friends — are now fully digital experiences. This aspect of modern society has also transformed how we shop and communicate with retailers. Read more at CEO Magazine.
  • Friday, Mar 23, 2018
    There’s been a lot of buzz around bots, AI, and messaging lately. Here’s a roundup of recent press from LivePerson about conversational commerce, the technology industry’s gender gap, and how major banks are deploying bots.
  • Friday, Mar 16, 2018
    You can’t ignore the growing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s retail landscape. According to IDC, 40 percent of retailers will have developed a customer experience architecture supported by an AI layer by 2019. Will your business be one of them? Retailers that fail to incorporate an AI-backed solution into their business strategies will face myriad consequences that can severely affect their bottom line.
  • Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018
    The increasing use of AI, and specifically conversational AI such as Alexa, Siri, and Google, has posed many questions. Why do all the conversational AI interfaces default to women’s voices? Will the continued use of AI carry with it the gender stereotyping and historical baggage of the last 30 years, when women in technology were largely marginalized? What does this new paradigm mean for both women and the representation of women in the field of technology? And are consumers attuned to these developments?
  • Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018
    The Internet fundamentally changed the very nature of commerce. It was easy to see the appeal of online shopping when we started building websites in the 1990s: It was much more convenient than visiting a physical store. In the years since, retailers have watched statistics steadily climb as people make more of their purchases directly through digital channels. The latest proliferation of connected devices and improved technology platforms have served to only feed these numbers, and brands, in turn, are rethinking their marketing strategies to meet consumers’ needs.
  • Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018
    Conversational interfaces like messaging apps have become the default way consumers connect with each other. Compared to voice, they’re used as much as 90% of the time. The realisation of these consumer preferences, coupled with a growing appetite for new technologies, has led to the rise of conversational commerce — and an industry of people focused on the design, development, creation, and management of conversational interfaces, including the bot and human agents behind them.


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