Top 10 Reasons to Attend Aspire 2014 [Video]

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Barry Lamm
Director, Partner Success
Monday, August 4, 2014 - 14:01

We’re just two months away from Aspire 2014, taking place in NYC on October 8th! In case you missed it, take a look at the exciting agenda featuring four areas of content: the Brand Village, Hero Village, Consumer Village and LiveEngage Village.  If you have attended previous Aspire events in New York, London or Melbourne, you know it’s not your typical conference. Do you remember the Aspire we held a few years ago in a converted warehouse? Didn’t you love the set up so that you felt like you were sitting in a living room amongst your friends rather than another boring impersonal conference?

Breakout group at Aspire NYC

How about the time we handed out drums to the entire audience for a connection exercise that could be heard an entire city block away?

Fun with drums at Aspire

Personally I can recall so many amazing speakers from leading brands around the world sharing their stories on how they’ve transformed their business to better connect with their customers while simultaneously increasing conversions, order values and overall revenue. And, not just impersonally sharing these stories from a distant stage, but sharing these stories in small groups, one-on-one conversations, and breakout circles. Aspire isn’t about watching from afar, it’s truly about connecting.

And if you were impressed by previous years’ Aspire events, be prepared to be blown away by what we have planned for this year. Having had a small glimpse into how the event will be organized this October, I cannot urge you enough to take a moment right now to register to join me there. You will have a unique opportunity to connect with peers and leaders in your industry while learning about the latest innovations in digital engagement.

Take a moment to listen to what our CEO, Robert LoCascio, has to say about this year’s Aspire:


Need a little more convincing? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should attend Aspire:


1) Maximize your efforts

Aspire 2014 will give you the inspiration, tools, and know-how to find and maximize every digital engagement opportunity so you can increase your impact and your revenue.

2) Connect

Aspire brings together the most innovative digital engagement experts from all industries—and facilitates connections so you can meet the people who can drive your business forward.

3) Find solutions

Learn how to tackle your own digital engagement issues as you see LiveEngage in action.

4) Be a trailblazer

Aspire 2014 is where we discuss the latest trends and news in digital engagement. Be the first to witness this year's product announcements, news, and industry trends from the LivePerson community.

5) Learn from others in your shoes

We will personally connect you with others who share your role in your industry to understand what is working for them, so you can apply it to your team.

6) Don't listen — Experience

Aspire delivers information in surprising formats. You will touch and feel the future of digital engagement — not just hear about it from some bigwig up on a stage with a PowerPoint.

7) See and feel the future of retail and banking

Why tell you what the future consumer experience will be like when we can just show you?  See how today’s technology will drive the store of tomorrow.

8) Drive revenue and service scores

Aspire is not just aspirational. Small working groups that connect roles and industries ensure that you’ll learn specific ideas that you can apply the next day to increase sales and improve service.

9) Translate service into sales

Learn how to identify, segment and target the highest value visitors to your site and engage them at exactly the right moments. Delighted, loyal and profitable customers will result!

10) Hottest ticket in town

We figured why not take advantage of having the world’s most creative minds in our backyard?! Tony award winning Broadway innovators were enlisted to bring the next wave of digital engagement to life. Will you have tickets to the one and only performance of Digital Engagement: The Musical?!

October 8 will be here before you know it -- so start planning for your attendance and register today.


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