The Value of Mobile Engagement

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 09:20

It is no secret that the demand for mobile engagement is greater than ever before.  You hear about it from those in your industry, and surely you can see it for yourself if you are monitoring your website’s mobile traffic analytics. If you don’t already have a mobile strategy in place you may be wondering if you can hold off a few months or years before taking mobile seriously. Is it really that important? The answer is a very resounding yes, it is that important, and the time to take action is now

Why Now:

Over the past two years, the mobile channel has seen more change than any other customer-facing touch point.  This is because mobile offers three benefits over other customer-facing channels — simplicity, immediacy, and context.  Mobile phones and tablets allow your customer to access whatever they want about your brand, from wherever they want, whenever they want, creating an extraordinary amount of opportunity for customer engagement.

I hear from many customers that their mobile traffic is coming close to 20% of all requests so they now find themselves scrambling for ways to engage this audience in an optimized format for a superior visitor experience.

Added opportunity for engagement not enough to get you to spring into action on a mobile plan?  Then consider this: according to a recent Forrester survey, 53% of respondents listed increasing customer engagement among the top three goals of their mobile strategy.  Simply, if mobile engagement is not one of your top priorities, realize that it probably is for most of your competitors.

The Value of Mobile Engagement

So what, then, is the value of mobile engagement?  Mobile engagement allows you to meet your customers where they are—everywhere.  Customers may be on your mobile app or mobile site, they may be looking for a store location, or perhaps they are researching a product. No matter what, your customers have their mobile device with them wherever they go.

Engaging a mobile user at the right time provides an important convenience that can yield immediate, measurable results.  For instance, let’s look at the in-store experience as affected by mobile engagement:

  • 73% of consumers say they have used their mobile phone in a store.
  • 52% of adult cell phone owners use their devices in-store to get help with purchasing decisions.
  • 73% of mobile-powered shoppers preferred phones to retail clerks for basic assistance.
  • The “mobile influence factor” on retail purchases will increase to $689 billion (or 19% of total store sales) by 2016.

(Sources for the above statistics can be found in this whitepaper on mobile engagement)

Through mobile engagement, connected customers are now able to immediately compare prices, look for coupons, and read product reviews. 

The changing mobile landscape—and your customers’ behavior and expectations—present an opportunity to companies everywhere.  Companies must, however, embrace and invest in mobile engagement to reap the benefits. 

Stay tuned for our next Connected Customer post on mobile engagement where we outline the best practices for mobile engagement. Want to know more? Download our recent whitepaper Leveraging Mobile Engagement to Boost Sales, Service and Customer Satisfaction.

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