We Were Doing Chat before It Was “Cool” — Now We’re Doing It Better

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Lida Tabibian
Product Marketing and Communications Manager
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 11:26

Facebook made some huge announcements at this year’s F8. Among them were updates to its Messenger platform, which will now let businesses interact with customers through intelligent, automated bots. Chat has officially gone mainstream.

But long before everyone was buzzing about bots, before Twitter limited us to 140 characters, and even before AIM had us crafting the perfect away messages over dial-up, LivePerson had a vision of how we’d connect in the future. Founder and CEO Rob LoCascio started the company in 1995 (remember — we didn’t get AIM until ’97) and focused on chat as a way for businesses to provide better, more efficient customer communication. We were doing it before it was cool.

Since then, we’ve constantly been evolving our product to stay one step ahead of the tech industry. This means we were ready for the rise of apps and psyched about the mobile revolution.

The thing is, chat isn’t going anywhere. It’s just getting smarter. And, in turn, it’s becoming an increasingly critical piece of a business’s strategy. The future of chat isn’t as a channel but as an intelligent, proactive, data-driven platform. With that in mind, we took the chat technology that put us on the map, dismantled it, and built LiveEngage — our all-in-one platform for managing customer relationships.

Here’s a look into some of the most exciting features in LiveEngage helping brands interact like never before.

  1. Mobile transforms sales and customer service. LiveEngage is truly an enterprise platform built for mobile messaging. It lets you seamlessly transfer the conversation from a site to a brand app to mobile web. Set response times to manage customer expectations. Receive push notifications when requests come in and alerts about urgent inquiries. Mobile gives businesses of all sizes the freedom to make connections 24/7, no matter where you happen to be. On the flip side, customers have a direct line to you when they’re out and about. It’s a win-win.
  2. CoBrowse along with customers. When you need help online, sometimes a text conversation isn’t enough. A CoBrowse session lets customers share their browser screens with the person on the other end. This visual, hands-on experience not only gets them what they need more quickly, but it also teaches them how to self-serve next time. Customer care professionals (CCPs) can start a CoBrowse session with the click of a button and direct the consumer toward the page or content they need or even help them fill out a complex form. It’s secure, PCI certified, and masks sensitive customer information and data. Customers love its seamless integration across devices. And CCPs love it because it’s built directly into their workspace and helps them do their job better.
  3. Hot Topics tells you what’s driving consumer sentiment. Hot Topics is a powerful tool that gives you immediate insight into what’s driving customers toward or away from your brand. Goodbye, expensive analysis! You can know the exact words and phrases affecting consumer sentiment — positive, yes, but negative too. How does it work? Each word and phrase is analyzed in real time and marked positive, negative, or neutral, and then your Hot Topics are those that fall on either end of the spectrum.
  4. Assess CCP success through the Meaningful Connection Score (MCS). LiveEngage determines and flags customer sentiment in real time, at any given time. This lets CCPs adjust and change the course of conversation if it starts heading south. Our engine uses natural language processing techniques with machine learning algorithms to analyze every line of text as soon as the customer on the other end hits “send.” This accumulates into an overall grade so managers and CCPs alike and gauge their success. Creating meaningful connections with your customers increases their trust and forges business growth. It’s important to track that relationship to see what you’re doing right (or wrong).

We’re excited about everything LiveEngage can do, and we know you will be, too. For 20 years, we’ve been the coolest kids on the block — and we intend to stay that way. Creating meaningful connections is one thing that will never go out of style.

Has your company upgraded to LiveEngage 2.0 yet? It’s time. Get more information about migrating here.

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