Is Your Company Always On?

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Erin Kang
LivePerson Contributor
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 09:50

How many things can you think of that are “always on”?  And of these things, imagine how difficult it would be if they weren’t always turned on.  Many of us have experienced those frustrating moments when things that should be always on, are not—sitting down at your computer, and discovering that your Internet is down. Or coming home from vacation to find that your refrigerator decided to call it quits, including all of its contents. 

There are certain things in life that we expect to be “always on,” and today that includes a brand’s digital presence. When we visit our favorite websites, apps, or social pages, day or night, we most certainly expect them to be “on.” 
But can we expect the same from customer service? When it comes to your customer engagement strategy, is your company “always on,” or is it just “sometimes on”? The answer to this question can be an important differentiator for your business in the increasingly competitive world of eCommerce. 
According to LivePerson’s Connecting with Customers Report, 83% of online shoppers expect some form of support during their buying process, indicating that customer service and engagement have emerged as key distinctions between one brand from another.  Brands must now make it their top priority to adopt an “always on” approach to online engagement and customer service, so that they are providing the best experience possible while also maximizing every opportunity to win and retain a customer.  But how is this possible?
To become an “always on” brand, the focus must now be on engaging customers across multiple channels, in a meaningful and personalized way, all in real-time.  In fact, according to the Connecting with Customers Report, 93% of online shoppers see real-time help being beneficial during their online customer journey, and 31% of shoppers expect help to be immediate.
Many companies employ live chat and voice communication to engage online prospects and customers in real-time.  Yet, while there is nothing more personal than a human-to-human conversation, not every businesses can support or scale a human-assisted approach at every point in the customer lifecycle, 24/7.  So, is there a way to have an “always on” approach to engagement, without having to always be there?
The answer is YES.  With the availability of innovative engagement platforms, companies can deploy intelligent, automated campaigns that make it easy to deliver a personalized and compelling digital experience for customers 24/7. By deploying highly-targeted campaigns on your website, a brand can easily achieve an “always on” status.  Whether you can be there or not, these capabilities are actually always on.
By delivering highly-targeted content—including banners, offers, and landing pages—to segments you define, you can create a personalized engagement experience for your customers without increasing your staffing needs. Business users can design and deploy campaigns directly on their sites, greatly reducing or eliminating reliance upon internal IT resources. This enables a real-time, customized, and compelling online experience for each visitor that can dramatically improve conversion rates and transaction values.
Businesses can also personalize a visitor’s experience based on the keywords they use to find your site, making every keyword you have already invested in worth even more. With built-in intelligence, customized content is delivered to selected visitors at the optimal time and place, engaging the visitors and driving conversions.  Additionally, keyword-based targeting automates the segmentation process, specifically targeting the visitors who have used underperforming keywords to reach your site. 
Bottom line, targeted content campaigns provide immediate results.  No IT involvement, no complicated setup required.  These capabilities will allow your brand to create meaningful connections with your customers, even if your capacity to chat or take calls is limited.
And by adopting these capabilities in your online strategy, you can be bold enough to say that your company is always on. 
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