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People are conversational. Why aren’t websites?

We use websites every day. Twenty-eight-years old and the primary source of information for most consumers, websites are an integral part of our lives.

LivePerson in the news: Tech’s gender gap, new brands live with messaging, and more

From the disparity of women in the tech industry to bots replacing us at work, here’s the latest press roundup from LivePerson.

Interfaces of the future: the importance of conversational commerce

The word “interface” has a single association for most of us. We often think of web or mobile design: at a simplified level, a combination of coding languages HTML and CSS used to provide us with the tools to interrogate information from the web.

The sudden death of the website

You may not know me or even my company, LivePerson, but you’ve certainly used my invention. In 1995, I came up with the technology for those chat windows that pop up on websites.

The tills are alive: The rise of AI and voice commerce in supermarkets

The implementation of voice commerce in supermarkets has hit the headlines of late as the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology begins to revolutionize even the most mundane moments of our everyday lives.

“Alexa, what are your deals?” — shopping via voicebot appears to be a sleeper hit, with over 70% of Alexa owners trying it, and almost half doing it regularly

While consumers like it, they have some lingering mistrust about its accuracy

Amazon’s “Prime Day” is the company’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when Amazon offers discounts and puts items on sale that are not typically discounted.

Are You Forcing Customers to the Dark Side with a “Dearth” of Connection Options?

The holidays are still upon us, and, given the numbers I’ve seen, everything is going great!

Prepare for the Most Connected Holiday Ever

There are many types of holiday enthusiasts. Like those who are already blaring “White Christmas” on October 1 and basking in the joy of early coupons.

76 Days to Cyber Monday [On-Demand Webinar]

With the back-to- school push behind us, retailers are gearing up for the biggest season of the year: holiday. Specifically, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Results Are In: Is Cyber Monday Still Relevant?

The holiday shopping season got off to a strong start this year with Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all reaching new records, with an increase in online sales at 32 percent, 26 percent, and 17 percent respectively. Online traffic is growing leaps and bounds, but does Cyber Monday’s digital growth, seemingly stunted compared to its offline counterparts, spell disaster for the cyber-centric holiday? Not exactly.

According to Adobe’s 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping data, Cyber Monday online sales in the U.S. totaled $2.65 billion, overtaking last year’s Cyber Monday as the biggest online shopping day in history. While many observers, from journalists to analysts, have speculated the death of Cyber Monday, we think the data tells a more valuable story.

Cyber Monday is not dead, but as consumer preference shifts, the concept is becoming obsolete and brands will have to adjust. The term “online shopping” is becoming redundant terminology for “shopping,” period. This is because the gap between online and offline consumer behavior is closing.


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