The Bald and the Beautiful: A Culture of Connections Drives Employee Recognition

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Elana Krasner
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 18:37

A few nights ago, at the tail end of one of LivePerson’s infamous in-office happy hours, we all piled in for a big group photo. Leaving the office was Barry Lamm, LivePerson’s Director of the Center for Excellence. It was a cold night in New York City and he was barely recognizable as he was bundled from head to toe-- hat, scarf, bulky jacket, multiple layers-- ready to confront the subarctic winter chill.

The group in the photo, about 25 of us, called his name, “Come on Barry, get in the picture!”

Instead of balking at us and walking out the door, he methodically took off all his outer layers, and with a big smile, hopped into the frame. For those readers familiar with how cold it gets in the peak of a New York City winter, you know what an effort it is to put on and take off those layers of weather protection.

Team LivePerson
Barry Lamm, far right

But that’s just Barry being Barry. He has had a first-row seat watching LivePerson grow over the past 15 years to what it is now a 1,200 employee company with 10 global offices, including our new office in Tokyo, Japan. Those who have come to know him during his long LivePerson tenure will say that Barry is more than an employee. He’s someone who many LivePerson employees see as an ambassador to our mission of creating meaningful connections and as the embodiment of our core values of being an owner and helping others.

A few years ago at the annual sales kick-off, Robert LoCascio, our founder and CEO, thought we needed a little something above and beyond the norm to recognize the many contributions, both large and small, of Barry Lamm and others on the team that have displayed the same level of commitment, heart and dedication. And so, the Blammy Award was born.

The Infamous Blammy Award
The infamous Blammy Award bobblehead

Named after Barry, and given to those that, in Barry’s own words are, “always positive and happy, while delivering high-impact results,” the Blammy’s first recipient in 2011 was Mike Carney, now LivePerson's global head of business architecture. Chosen by Barry, he described Mike as “calm, zen-like and brilliant.”

With the bar set high, the Blammy has become a much sought-after honor. Manifested as a limited edition Barry Lamm bobblehead, winners join an exclusive club.

This year the esteemed winner is Justin Mulhearn, the North American Director of Solutions Engineering. For Justin, joining the ranks of past winners like Carney, Head of Business Solution Architecture, and Ron Peled, CSO, was a nice surprise. “I’ve always admired the work of the past winners, so it’s really an honor to be counted as part of that group.”

Justin Mulhearn and Barry Lamm
Justin Mulhearn and Barry Lamm

For Justin, who mostly works from California, but works closely with employees in the NYC headquarters, the award meant something extra special to him. “With our headquarters in New York, and me being out West, I worry about not being connected to the LivePerson community. Winning this shows that you can still be seen as part of the the team.”

The award, now sits on his desk for good luck, and also serves as a reminder of what all of us are working toward at LivePerson - the meaningful connection that makes this place so much more than just a job.

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