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Moosejaw Mobile

Always seeking ways to engage with customers through additional channels, Moosejaw implemented LivePerson’s mobile live chat solution. Mobile provides customers a much better customer service experience—and with nearly 60% of all online business being mobile, mobile chat is imperative to the company’s growth. Deployment of the solution was quick and easy which was also advantageous for Moosejaw and its customers. Since deploying the mobile chat solution, Moosejaw notes that 10% of all live chat sessions are occurring on mobile devices, a trend the company is certain will continue to grow. Mobile chat has also helped Moosejaw discover a new customer segment—one that is shopping on-the-go and ready to purchase. 


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Moosejaw delivers a more holistic approach to digital engagement with proactive chats, targeted campaigns, and unique avatars that convey the company’s culture.

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